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Chosing multiplus or quattro

I am going to install inverter and new charger(s) on my Leopard 46. It has 2 x Shore power (16A), and no inverter today.

I am going to install 1200Ah Lithium for house.

We are going to have washing machine, electric cooktop, electric oven etc. Over 1000 W of solar and DC-DC charging via start-battery. We have en northern lights 9kw generator, but would like to use it as little as possible.

As I see it, I have (at least) 3 different options:

1. Separate inverter and charger. This is very easy to install in the existing system.
2. Victron Quattro 12/5000/220-100/100
3. Victron MultiPlus 12/3000/120-16 (maybe 2 of this)

What would you chose?

One question is also if the AC from shore always should (can) go thru the inverter, or directly to the BUS-BAR when there is shore power.

The picture is how the system is today. There is a dedicated bus for inverter, but that is probably only for option nr 1.

Thanks for all feedback!

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Hi Trisa. Nice looking craft.

Both those Victron models are eminently suited to your task. Normally the ac-input would be used to both passthrough and handle charging. The functional benefits of doing it this way are only really to be appreciated after experiencing it. I'm no salesman, so I won't try.

In your case I'd choose the Quattro, for the native onboard source selection, which isn't a big deal, just something you won't need to remember to do manually.

Maybe you have the American 120V sources & loads? I don't understand them, so won't comment on your wiring diagram.

But I wouldn't do the batts in 12V. 24V (or even 48V), would be more suitable. Wires, fuses, isolators into a 5kVA inverter will be quite massive, almost to the point of being impractical. 12V loads (like lights or instruments) can be handled with an Orion dc>dc converter(s), and the alternator charging with one of the new Orions with the full charge settings available (24V max) - may be necessary with your Li's anyway.

Sure these things cost, but there's wiring etc. savings, and your solar mppt will only need to be half the size @24V.

Watch too that your batts are suitable for handling a big inverter. Discharge rates, warranty, etc.

Enough for now. Come back as you will..

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