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Phoenix Multi 24/3000/70 overload

I have a Phoenix Multi 24/3000/70 inverter in my Diesel Duck and inadvertently shut the shore power off and returned to the boat and found that the batteries were down to 46%. When I turned the power back on the inverter keeps overloading and will not charge the batteries - anyone had similiar issues. Thanks David

MultiPlus Quattro Inverter Charger
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The first thing that comes to my mind is that the shore power is not sufficient enough to supply the full power that the charger is now demanding due to the batteries being really low.

Can you limit the shore power in the Multiplus to a lower level?

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I have a Diesel Duck as well with the same inverter/charger. In my case, the charger won't engage at all. I was also told that the low voltage of the batteries was keeping the charger from turning on. So I'm running the engine to bring back the battery bank - 4 8Ds. If that doesn't work, I'm to disconnect the battery bank and test each battery's voltage to see if an individual battery has gone bad. I tried an inverter reset - which consisted of turning everything off and then back on in a specified order. In my case that's shore power at the shore pedestal, shore power at the distribution panel, the inverter switch on the remote panel and then the inverter switch at the box in the engine room. After 10 minutes I was instructed to turn on the engine room box, the shore power pedestal, the shore power switch at the distribution panel and finally the inverter switch on the remote panel. That wasn't successful for me. The boat is new to me, but this wasn't the kind of Christmas present I was hoping for!

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Hi Jim,

I got mine going by running the inverter in charge only mode and I shut off the house battery charging and only charged the engine room and generator batteries. After 24 hours, I was able to switch the house batteries on as well and operate the inverter as normal - the charge was way down but high enough for the inverter to function properly. After about 24 hours everything returned to normal.



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Glad to hear that David. My issue turned out to be a "main" breaker in the distribution panel. All's working for me as well, just hoping my new batteries weren't damaged too badly.

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