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Quattro inverters don't wanna play together

I want to set up a system with two Quattros working in parallel. I set up in the VE.Bus configurator the 1 phase system with these two devices working in parallel. I just have AC-In 1 so AC-In 2 remains unconfigured. Nothing is connected to these inputs.

Then I configure each inverter and I expect them to built the grid (I have a generator in automatic mode, just for back up). This is the line diagram of the system:

For some reason switches I1 and I2 are switching off. The only way I can make both Quattros work together is to open either I1 or I2. Voltage of Q1 is 10V higher than voltage of Q2.

Moreover Q1 shows fix "inverter on" led while Q2 shows "mains on" and "inverter on" blinking simultaneously.

Thanks in advance!

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