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BETA Issue: MPPT firmware 1.44 issues with network

I'm running the beta software to test Victron Connect and upgraded my MPPT to 1.44 and my BMV is at 4.01 (it's not prompting for a 4.03 update). Both are connected to a venus device with a VE.Direct to USB adapter as my venus is a raspberry pi. Since I upgraded, the MPPT is in fault. I do not have an ESS nor do I have an intelligent battery. Once I leave the network, the mppt starts charging again in bulk. As soon as I rejoin the network, the mppt goes back into fault. I use the VE.Smart for temp sharing from the BMV to start charging below freezing. It's going to start getting chilly so I figured I'd post here. I also submitted beta feedback.

I should have paid more attention after loading the firmware as I didn't notice at all. I'm glad I installed an LTE modem in my van as I got the VRM alert about low SOC.

firmware update
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Daniël Boekel (Victron Energy Staff) answered ·

Hi @nebulight

Are you using DVCC? if so you have to disable DVCC, or remove the MPPT from the smart network.

Or are the smart battery sense and BMV conflicting?

The limitations are covered in the VE. Smart Networking manual.

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Hi Daniel,

I think we don't need to disable DVCC completely. Charge current limit can still work, at least I'm using it. It's the STS and SVS that cause problems. I was forced to disable them in my case... hoping that it can be fixed to have them again...

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nebulight avatar image nebulight commented ·

That must be it as I do use dvcc. However I’ve had it enabled since day one with the Venus and smart network and never had a problem.

Did something change in 1.44?

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