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Multiplus 3000W 120A internal wiring connection from transformers to control board

I have removed an internal board to carry out a repair. Took photos of all connects only to have a phone issue. All is good except t for the four wires from the doughnuts, 2 black 2 grey. I numbered them 1 to 4 but did not correspondingly mark the spade connects on the circuit board. With no photo i am lost. I can see the spades they go to but there are five to choose from? Can't find a wiring diagram to follow.

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Margreet Leeftink (Victron Energy Staff) answered ·

I don't have a 120V unit on hand, but have a 230 V unit. Mine only has 4 spade connectors instead of 5.

In my case two black wires connect to the left two spades and the grey wires connect to the left two spades. The black wires can be interchanged, so can the grey wires.

The two spades on the left side make electrical contact with each other. when measuring while wires are disconnected you should measure 0 ohm. the same for the other two spades on the right side.

If in doubt, best to contact your local Victron dealer or service partner.

This is a photo of my connections:

capture.jpg (116.4 KiB)
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Thank you for taking the time to respond, the detail is helpful and I will try the circuit test as suggested.

I should have been clear that the multiplus is 240v with 3000w inverter and 120 amp charge capacity.

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Hi Mike, sorry I misread 120V instead of 120A. Anyway, the photo I suplied is from a 24V 3K 240V unit. The circuit will be the same, but the hardware might look a bit different. It also depends on how old the unit is.

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