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12/24 DC-DC charger isolated

Hi, before I get started here I've already tried contacting support from distributor. They kept putting me off and were ultimately unresponsive.

I have 2 of these connected in parallel to my alternator which is upgraded from a 105A to a 145A alternator. It is certainly supplying enough power because I hear no engine strain as I did before I upgraded alternators, when I was only running a single DC-DC charger. As far as I can tell, everything is connected properly, direct to battery. I am able to charge my batteries with these units, but they're not operating at max amperage. They are operating at about 25% - 30% of their rated amperage, on average. Both putting out no more than 15A peak, combined, when I should be pulling closer to 30A. I'm curious if there are any other tweaks I could do to the system to pull more amps? Leads are as short as they can be at around 2-ish meters or 7-8 ft. I've tried adjusting settings through the app and nothing. One of the units pretty much goes straight to Absorption charge when turned on. I'm not sure what could be improved. Any ideas or pointers are appreciated. Thanks

dc-dc charger
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What batteries do you have?

What cable sizes?

Are the settings on the Orions identical? Would help if you posted a screen shot of the battery settings.

Are you checking output at idle, or with cruising revs on the engine?

Are the Orions getting hot? They derate if temps rise.

If one goes to bulk with lower output voltage and one goes to absorption it suggests faulty wiring/high resistance between Orion and battery. It's also possible that the batteries are close to fully charged, which would limit output. It would help to get screen shots from Victron connect when this is happening.

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