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How to Use data for different project platform?

Actually, we have an additional question;

Firstly, i want to mention that we are working on a platform which includes different information coming from different equipments other than CCGX via standart GSM Router. Therefore, i want to transfer meaningful data from CCGX to my project platform. However, I cannot handle the integration between offline victron connect app. or VRM portal with my project platform. So, if it is possible, I want to use sqlite data directly in my project platform and translate to meaningful information that I don't know how.

Secondly, I read from victron energy webpage that there is one more solution with modbus communication, however, it requires modbus gateway which adds more cost that I dont want.

Finally, as briefly explain, I have router and platform on my sites including not only victron equipment but also others. however, I can only track real time data from VRM portal or Victron Connect apps that is hard to integrate to my project.

Thanks in advance for your support,

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I think that MQTT is what you are looking for.

The CCGX has an inbuilt MQTT broker, so it is just a case of connecting to that broker and subscribing to the topics that you need. I use the MQTT broker in my Venus GX to supply real-time data to a larger control system (that logs to MySQL) - this system provides detailed historic graphing as well as detailed fault and performance monitoring and reporting.

Be aware that the Venus MQTT broker requires a keep-alive topic write at least every minute to keep the broker from going to sleep. There is good documentation on this in the Venus docs.

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