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Disable "Feedin Access Solar Power" via modbustcp write?

I am trying to enable/disable the "feedin access solar power" via writing to the modbustcp registers. From what I understand it is register address [39] of the ve.bus unit ID. I am using a R-Pi Venus which says the ve.bus has a device instance of 288, so a unitId of 239. When I write a value of 1, which equals "disable feed-in", I do not see the feed-in get disabled in the GX user interface. I've tried unit ID's of 100 and 242, but get errors returned "offline". I've read through the ESS docs and not been able to figure out my problem.

Please advise.

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Additional information:
I switched "Settings > AC Input 1 > Shore Power" to " Settings > AC Input 1 > Grid" and now when I send value 1 to register 39, the feed in momentarily stops, but then about 5 seconds later starts to feed in again. @Guy Stewart (Victron Energy Staff) or @mvader (Victron Energy Staff) any help appreciated.

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