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Please make a AC>DC Lipo Charger that integrates with Venus OS

Victron please make a Lipo Charger that Integrates with Venus OS and will speak to the BMS and piggyback existing chargers in the MPII and Quattro line. In the UK there is a lot of restriction from the DNO and the biggest problem is when they restrict the invertor limit it's extremely expensive to get G100 witness testing for 32A and above. If you could make a charger that integrates into the system like the MPPT, that is 13A BS plug and is classed as an appliance this would massively help charging the lipos in the 4 hour window of cheap electricity, as PV is only good a few months of the year. Some DNO's don't like using the MPII and Quattro as a charger only as technically it can still feedback if the firmware goes whappy. A 230VAC to DC charger @ 2000W would be a nice addition and would sit on a 32A ring main all day long without causing problems. Even a 16 and 32A commando plug version under 7200W would be nice as it still doesn't need DNO intervention. A price tag under $300-500 and there is a big market for it. Basically an MPPT with AC input and software integration into VRM and bluetooth for VE connect. Please also fit a pre-charge or themister limiter in the unit so existing Type B MCB's will be happy on a standard UK ring main or radial. Please consider.

@Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) @mvader (Victron Energy)

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