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Cerbo GX relais to give a short pulse, instead of toggle function

When using a Cerbo GX with a GX Touch display, it's possible to manual switch the free relay on/off.

But is it also possible (with Node Red) to let this relay give a short pulse when pressing the GX Touch relay on/off button? I've got hardware which can only be set on/off by and external pulse.

I've been doing quite some searching and reading on the net, but I can't find more that other Cerbo GX users who also search for this option. Giving in account that I'm not a Node Red expert, so maybe the answer is easy, but I probably don't know how to make this function on software level...

Next to this I would like to know if the other relay with Victron's fixed "If-Then" functions, whether it will ever be released, to be used as a free programmable/usable relay too.

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