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Feature Request |IP22 | Disable Output

We use a fairly large assortment of Victron products and for the most part, we have very few issues. I did just purchase several IP22s to manage both AGM & LIfePO4 batteries - the verdict is still out whether I am going to keep them.

All the MMPTs and DC|DC converters have a "charger off" setting, which allows us to shut off the charger entirely when its not needed but still leave it powered up. For whatever reason the IP22 software DOES NOT have that feature.

It comes in VERY handy when troubleshooting issues and also when we simply do not want to charge the LifePO4 battery when SOC drops to 50-60% (for storage).

To get around this, we have put the IP22 into "power supply mode" to leave it powered on and we switched the battery out of the circuit because we don't want voltage applied to the battery full time.

Ideally - we could leave the battery in the circuit (turning it off is tough - its under a panel) - and we can enable / disable the charger via bluetooth any time we want (like all the other charges can) when connected to shore power. Seems like a simple software fix to me.

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I think the general assumption in the design is the mains is disconnected usually when charging is finished or unwanted. Or the battery is left in storage.

You could always set the offset for the charger so the charger does not trigger untill a lower voltage/soc.

I have my mains charger on a switch that the bmv controls to disconnect mains automatically.

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This really only applies to chargers permanently installed in rigs - I understand many use these as bench / shop chargers so that function would not be necessary - but it could come in handy.

I really do not want "any" voltage applied to the battery when stored - but would like to remote charge it when needed so looks like the only way we're going to be able to do so is via an outlet switched by the relay output on the Cerbo. I can then see the other devices attached to the Cerbo to see if the charging is working / disabled / etc.

Another strange thing - why the IP22's can't be added to a Cerbo ? Does not make sense, they have VE Network Wireless capability - these are awesome on board chargers it would very nice to be able to control them remotely instead of having to plug / unplug them.

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