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ESS exporting form Battery


I have a ESS system with the following:

1) EM24 Energy Meter as Grid meter

2) 2x ET340 energy meter connected on input of Multi to measure None-essential load.

3) 3x Multiplus II 10k configured for three phase

4) MPPT RS450/200

5) Fronius Symo 15.0-3

6) 60kWh BYD LVFlex 5.0 batteries.

7) Cerbo GX

Initial the grid energy meter was a ET340, Victron however recommends that this should be the EM24. After changing the Grid meter from ET340 to EM24, the system started to export power from the battery into the grid at close to 20kW although export limitation was set to 5kW. To my understanding the ESS setup should never export from the batteries into the grid. Current settings below.ess-1.pngess-2.png

Currently the only option to stabilize the system was to set the grid metering point to Multi and not external meter - as per above screenshot. (or re-install the initial ET340 energy meter).

ess discharging
ess-1.png (22.0 KiB)
ess-2.png (19.6 KiB)
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