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charge current limit of the battery is ignored


i have a 48V system with Cerbo,Multiplus, MPPT (450/100) and battery.

At the moment the battery is full and the battery sets a charge limit of 0A. I can see it in the cerbo menu (CCL = 0.0A).

But the MPPT is charging the battery with full current. Only if battery sends an error message, the charging will be stopped for a few minutes. After 3-5minutes charging starts again until next error message.

I tried to reduce the current with activating DVCC and set a current limit of 0A. But this will also be ignored.

Are there any other settings which could affect this behavior?
Thanks in advance

charge current limit
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DVCC has to be active otherwise the battery cannot manage the chargers.

Has the battery been configured as the reference in the GX system setup?

How is the mppt connected to the Cerbo, is it marked as external control?

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Thanks for the fast reply.

DVCC was activated with 100A charge limit. I decreased it to 0A, but I can see no difference.

In System Setup the Battery monitor is "Automatic" and Auto has selected the battery over CAN.

MPPT is connectet with and state is Ext. control

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Do you have feed-in enabled in ESS?

(Presuming you’re using it)

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I had feed-in enabled (DC coupled, limited to 600W), but I deactivated it today. Makes also no difference.
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Ok. Charge current limit is ignored if DC feed-in is enabled. Hence the question. There is some good detail in the updated dvcc section of the cerbo manual.
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According to cerbo manual the CVL,CCL and DCL Parameters sent from BMS over CAN have priority above all other settings. But I observe the opposite.

Does it make a difference if BMS-CAN oder VE.CAN is used? My BMS is connectet to VE.CAN because auf 250kBit.

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