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48V batterycharger added to 3 Phase Multiplus 48/5000/70 Possible?

I am planning to build a 3 Phase (3x 48/5000/70) for a 3 phase operation with a initially 50KWh LFP battery,

As my CAR can supply 3.5KW @230V ( V2L from KIA) I would also like to have to option to charge the House battery from the Car when needed ( lets say there is not enough Solar and Current prices of electricty are high) while the car has been charged during low price times (or even free)

is it possible to add a stand alone charger to the system ? any precautions to take?

I see this solution as the ultimate off grid option , a portable 77KWh Battery that can charge the home side battery in a "few" hours when there is not enough sun

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