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Will this scheme work? Orion-Tr Smart DC-DC.

I would like to employ an Orion-Tr Smart DC-DC to charge two different battery types. I have Lead Acid and AGM batteries in my motor home.

I have found a switch that will allow me to switch the input/output of the Orion-Tr Smart. I believe I understand that I will have to change the charge algorithm when changing charge source/load. I have included a drawing to explain what I'm trying to accomplish. When motoring I'd like to have my alternator charging both coach and chassic batteries. While parked I'd like to have solar charging both battery banks, Can anyone critique my idea? orion-tr-smart-wiring-diagram.jpg

orion-tr smart
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@Steve It's quite complex, relies on manual input and if one battery is heavily depleted will discharge the other at high current.

Simpler/more reliable and automatic would be to

Connect MPPT to house only.

Connect Orion from chassis battery to house as per your diagram, but delete switches.

Connect second low power Orion to charge chassis battery, this only needs to be a trickle charge so low spec Orion.

Means more kit, but then fully automatic and no risk of one battery depleting the other.

If an extra Orion to charge chassis/starter is overkill, Votronic do a more basic unit designed to do the same job. I fitted one, works really well. You might find others.

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Thanks Kevgermany. Can you provide a simple diagram? I was under the impression you couldn't have an Orion input connected to the same post as another Orion output. I do have a space limitation that's the reason for my designing a switch and using one Orion.

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Sorry, I'm away and have nothing to do a schematic with. Just use the input side of each charger from the source, output to battery to be charged.

You can also look at the Votronic 3065. Compact, simple to wire and fully automatic. I went this way, very pleased.

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