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MPPT sizing calculator and Forecasted daily yield

I have a PV system with 9.6 kWp. The idea now is to connect the 30x 320 Wp panels to 2x SmartSolar MPPT (without the current Fronius Inverter) and use the solar energy in a Victron Multiplus 3 phase ESS system with 3x Multiplus II 48/5000.

What amazes me now is that when I use the Victron MPPT sizing calculator and enter the data from my 320 Wp panels, the "Forecasted daily yield" is much smaller than what I get in real from the Fronius Symo Inverter today.


With Fronius Symo I get a yield of around 1400 kWh in June 2022. On a sunny day in June there is a daily yield of approx. 65 kWh.

According to the "Forecasted daily yield", result is a value of around 18 kWh for 15 panels, i.e. 36 kWh for the 30 panels.

Where is my mistake?


MPPT SmartSolar
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