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Noob system questions semi-offgid?


I have a few questions, i do not know if everything is feasable and at which costs /Equipment. So any advice is appreciated.


Currently I have 10 kVa of SMA Solar convertors and around 13800 wp of panels. Producing around 12500 kWh yearly. This 10 kVA is grid tied, and a 10 kVa connection is the largest connection that is allowed as standard where i live, I applied for an exception to 20-25 kVa, but then I have to go to a hourly dynamic pricing contract.

My home usage is around 4000 kWh year. Quite stable at around 10-14 kWh Day

I have an EV, battery of around 50 KW, Needs around 80 kWH / week. The car is at home 3-4 days a week during daytime, and can be loaded with a smart charging station primarily on solar power instantly.

I have some larger power equipment, electrical engines of around 10 KW, averaging 2000 kWh yearly, not included in the standard home usage. I can try and use this as much as possible on sunny days, using quite a bit of instant solar power.

What do I want to achieve:

Become more autark and use as much of my own produced electricity as possible or at least be able to sell enough to the grid (around 4-1 ratio) to buy back the amount that I need myself.

Would be nice to be able to connect a smaller generator for cases of emergancy, and preferably the system has to be able to provide power to the house in case of an power outage.

I need the batterystorage solution to be able to provide around 5000 watts back to the house / garage / grid . 10000 would be nice.

Extra information:

I do have to room to put another 15000 wp of panels on another roof, but if I do not get approved to get a larger then 10 kVa connection, I can only use this a offgrid or semi offgrid set-up.

Any tips for me? Alsothe amount of batteries that would be recommended/ and the minimal amount to get started? Thinking aboutb pylontech US5000’s or similar.

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