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GlobalLink 520 polling period unreliability

I have recently installed a GlobalLink 520 on my boat in the UK. LTE-M provider is Telefonica Europe, which is O2 in the UK.

It’s connected to a BMV712S and a SmartSolar 150|45. Everything works fine. I have a really good signal (-65dBm reported) utilising an external antenna.

However….. whilst most of the time the whole system works perfectly, some days I experience large time gaps in the transmission of information. Instead of 15 minutes, there can be a gap of 2, or even 3 hours. This can happen several times a day, on some days. I’m convinced it’s not my antenna setup as the GlobalLink reports a very strong signal.

Any ideas what is causing this, and is anyone else experiencing the same phenomenon? Any solutions? Or is it a polling problem with Telefonica Europe?

PS: For the avoidance of doubt, my boat has been continuously moored, in the same place, since the GlobalLink was first installed about 10 days ago. ie: no movement is involved.

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