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Default Settings on Orion Smart

I recently added a lithium house battery to my boat and installed an Orion Smart dc-dc charger. I'm wanting to change the default settings for the Orion.

My boat spends most of its time in a marina connected to shore power. This powers a good battery charger that maintains the lead acid starting battery (and used to supply power to the fridge before I put the lithium battery in). My intention was to set up the Orion in power supply mode while on shore power so that the lithium battery is maintained at roughly 80% charge and the Orion supplies power to the fridge and any other loads (drawing on the lead acid charger connected to shore power), then when I am out of the marina, switch to charger mode to boost the house battery.

This is working well except for one problem: every time I switch from charger mode to power supply mode I have to readjust the lockout voltages! The default settings for the power supply mode are much lower than I want - I only want to draw the starter battery down to 12.5V, but the power supply mode defaults to MUCH lower. If I forget to change to charger mode or forget to adjust battery settings on power supply mode I risk running my starter battery much lower than it should go.

Is there a way to set the defaults so I don't have to keep changing them when I go to power supply mode?

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