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Using Ground Solar Panels as input source to Orion-TR DC-DC charger

I have a 2016 Dodge Ram 3500 (w/smart alternator) carrying a 2022 Northern Lite 10.2. Since purchasing, I have removed all OEM solar and put all Victron products in (3000w Multiplus inverter/charger, Lynx Distributor, 100/30 MPPT Solar Charge controller, BMV 712, and Orion-TR Smart DC-DC charger). The whole thing is powered by 2x206ah SOK Lithium batteries. On the roof, I have 2x200 watt solar panels.

Question: I also have ground panels (2x160 watts) with a GoPower 30 PWM solar charge controller that has a lithium charging profile. When not connected to the truck battery/alternator, is there any reason I can’t leverage the connection already in place to the camper for the Orion DC-DC charger using my ground panels as my input source? I’m not seeing why not, but sometimes the devil is in the details that I may be overlooking. TIA

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If you can set the absorption and float voltages to the same values on both solar controllers, go straight to the batteries.

Otherwise check the max voltage of the PWM controller is within the limits for the Orion and go from panels to Orion to batteries. Should work.

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I was originally going to run the solar panels straight into the Orion, but the voltage was above the operating range. So, I decided to introduce the solar charge controller to address that issue. Thx
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Orion's will not function well as a PV panel controller. Quite apart from voltage range, they do not have the electronics to optimise panel output.
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