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Globallink 520 Geofence cellular location

I have a Globallink 520 with Beta Firmware. Works well with an external antenna. On my VRM I can see information from my BMV, MPPT and Ruuvi Tag. Email Alarms for Battery capacity working.

Only problem is the cellular location is not working.

When left to set the location it's self (for Time Zone). It puts the location as in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, off Africa. I in fact am in south west England. I have set a picture icon for my VRM hoping that would help me see my VRM . On the dashboard map, the generic location pin/tag is located to where I have drag and dropped it when using the location settings menu.

When I set the Geofencing I received the following email From Victron VRM.

""The installation 'VBee global link' has an armed geofence, but there is no GPS data coming in. Check GPS reception and connection, or disarm the geofence alarm on the VRM settings page at:""

I believe Geofence works via cellular network not GPS, but it should still be able to set a VRM location using cellular. My set up is in a van so having Geofence working would be important to me.

I can find no way to sort this in the manual or online.

I hope the above is enough information so I can get help to get the cellular location working.

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The VRM docs state a GPS receiver is required and the global link isn't equipped with one.

The global link spec also says location data provided by nearest cell tower.

Since you're on the beta, perhaps raise this on the beta thread in the modifications space.

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Thanks for that. Good idea I’ll try that.
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