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Orion DC-DC smart 12/12/30 draining lithium battery when engine is running

Hi guys , I have the following issue with an Orion Tr Smart DC-DC NOT isolated 12/12/30 A charger

Problem description :

When the engine is running and the starter battery voltage/alternator voltage is around 14,5 Vdc the DC-DC is charging the Victron 100 A Lithium battery with 60 A ( reading from the Victron Smart Shunt 500 A ) initially , then the current is reduced until the Float state is reached. ( see attached pictures )

When the engine is running and the starter battery voltage/alternator voltage is reduced by the Smart Alternator to 13,26-13.71 Vdc , the 100 A Victron Lithium battery is DISCARGED as I can see from the Victron Smart Shunt. It seems in this case the Lithium battery is CHARGING the Starter Battery instead ( this is very strange since the DC-DC should isolate the Lithium battery ??? see attached pictures )

By the way , the 100 A Lithium battery has an EXTERNAL BMS and the remote H of the DC-DC is connected to BMS "Charge disconnect" .

Question : it may be a setting issue ? The shutdown detection is active , the other values are default vales ( see the attached pictures ) . Do I have to customize the alternator parameters to avoid that ?

In other words , do I have NOT to use the Samrt alternator settings ?

The DC-DC has been connected following the instruction on the manual , we have two 60 A fuses one on IN and another one to OUT . The Ground is connected to the smart shunt "System minus" .

Any suggestion here ? Thanks in advance for your valuable inputs / suggestions.

OscarDC-DC engine shutdown set up.jpgOrion Firmware.jpgOrion Float state.jpgshunt charging 60 A engine batt 14vdc.pngshunt discarging Lion Batt when engine V13.26 Vdc.pngshunt discarging when engine batt 13.6 Vdc.pngshunt SOC at 100 %.png

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