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Firmware update issues leading to Victron MPPT reporting over voltage

Hi, I have 2 independent solar panel (180W each) connected to two victron 70/15 chargers. It worked fine for 6 years.

I have just replaced one Victron 70/15 with Victron 75/15. I still have second 70/15 in place until new 75/15 is working properly.

Installation went fine, and charger produced electricity, turned form bulk to absorption as day progressed.

I have in meantime done firmware update by Victronconnect. It worked up to a point and then stopped. Error message was that device is not ready. Have checked MPPT 75/15 and can see yellow and green light blinking which means over voltage. My guess is, that firmware update confused charger, as old 70/15 worked for 6 years without a blip.

I have done update by Android phone. It has run first update and completed after few attempts. Then I tried to run the app, and ask for another update to version 1.37. So I started again and stopped at around 15%. Then gor this error. It was sunny day but nothing extraordinary. 70/15 works fine in same conditions.

Can you please advise what the issue is or what I was doing wrong.

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I have used iphone to upgrade and magic happened. Hardware fault was fixed !!!

I think vicron should prohibit use of androids for firmware updates. The way firmware update software behaved on my 2 brand new android phones is appalling. Or has never been tested or android operating system is totally unreliable. Yuk either way.

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Could you imagine the outrage if we said iPhone only!

It’s a frustration that all android devices don’t work consistently, but the vast majority do.

We’ll just keep doing our best to support the very diverse platform as best as we can.

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