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How to disable battery charging from grid, ESS/Multiplus2

Hi everyone,

I am using ESS assistant to store excess solar power into a battery (2.4kWh). If there is not enough solar yield, the batteries will deplete to the set minimum SoC (25%), and ESS stops feeding energy from the battery. That is all okay, my problem is that whatever minimum SoC I set, if the current SoC reaches 5% below the minimum SoC, the Multiplus starts charging the battery from the grid.

ANd that happens quite often in every ~7 hours. I would like to disable that feature in Multiplus, and let the battery goes even empty, until there is enough solar power to charge.

The AC inverter of the solar panel is connected to the AC-IN of the Multiplus, so I don't think I can disable charging completely, as that would disable the charge when there is extra solar energy.

I understand the intention that the multiplus charges the battery if it goes "too empty" but somehow Multiplus consumes that 5% too quickly.

I was also experimenting enable AES, to minimize consumption from battery, as there is no load currently on the AC-OUT of the multiplus, but whatever settings I set, it never goes into AES (I guess it's a bug, as I can see many complains on that.)

Any idea how I can set an other minimum SoC for charging from grid?

Thanks in advance








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an other one about AES


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