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System Design Questions

My install in our Riverstone 5th wheel consists of the following:

(2) SmartSolar MPPT 150/60 solar charge controllers

(2) MultiPlus 12/3000/120-50 Inverters

(1) Lynx Power In

(2) Lynx Distributors

(10) 200 watt Rich Solar panels

Cerbo GX and GX Touch 50

Victron 120-240/100A Autotransformer

(8) BB 100AH LiFePO4 batteries

Orion TR Smart 12/12 30 amp iso.acted smart charger

The inverters are already hanging in the front pass-through, and the DC-DC charger, MPPTs, and DC In, DC distributors are mounted on a board in the front generator compartment above the door on the front wall. The Autotransformer will get hung next to the inverters.

- I plan to use 2/0 cable for the interconnects between the cells, and 4/0 cabling between the battery bank and the DC in. The battery output to the DC In will have a Blue Sea 600 amp disconnect and a fuse. The battery will be connected in one bank fo

- I also recently installed an Onan 6500 watt commercial RV generator (rig had generator prep option so the install was pretty straight forward).

- I plan on wiring two pairs of 10 AWG wiring from the solar panels to the charge controllers (wired in two banks of 5 panels). I already have a breaker enclosure and (2) two pole breakers to be able to disconnect the input to the charge controllers).

- I plan on using 2/0 cabling between the Lynx Distributor and the DC input to the inverters, and each will have a Blue Sea Systems 600 amp DC disconnect switch.

- For the DC-DC charger I plan on running 6 AWG cabling from my trucks alternator (2019 F-450, has dual alternators rated at 397 amps), to the bed of the truck near the 7 pin and utilize an Andersen connector.

Questions I have:

1 - what size cabling between the inverter AC output and the autotransformer input and from autotransformer output and AC distribution panel?

2 - Is a breaker needed between the inverters and the autotransformer, and between the autotransformer and the AC distribution panel?

3 - In your video you mentioned you ran the solar cables from the roof through the forward gray tank vent. How did you exit the vent pipe once inside the rig?

4 - For the DC-DC charger, how did I route the wiring from the DC-DC charger to the bed of the truck? Can I just push a fish tape and try and follow the trailer side of the 7-pin wiring?

5 - With the DC-DC charger installed, do I need to disable the charging wire coming from the 7-pin?

6 - My Riverstone already has a factory inverter installed that runs the refrigerator, TV, recliners, and a few outlets and I don’t plan to mess with that setup. Any issues there?

7 - What size disconnect do I need between the battery bank and the Lynx DC in?

8 - I am considering adding a lead acid battery to start the generator - what would be the best method to charge that and the house bank while the generator is running?

9 - The rig came with 1 factory solar panel and charge controller. I removed the factory panel and will be removing the factory charge controller - once I find it.

10 - I assume I don’t need to mess with the factory battery charger - or do I once the MultiPlus inverter chargers are up and running?

11 - What size fuse am I looking at for the battery output to the DC In.

12 - What is the best method for connecting the inverter AC output to the breaker panel in my rig?

I am sure more questions will pop up, and I really could use a wiring diagram showing all of the interconnects, breakers, disconnects, etc.

Please let me know what your design services will cost and how to move forward. Additionally, what would it cost to have you come out here to CT and help me do the install?

I already have pretty much everything I need, with the exception of any breakers needed on output side of the inverters, inverter output cabling, and a couple other little things.

I was a nuclear electronics technician in the Navy for 20 years so I am pretty savvy on this stuff, but want to make sure I do it right the first time.


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