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DVCC: "Max Charge Voltage" not considered when ESS in "keep batteries charged" mode?

Dear all,

I'm using ESS on a Multiplus 2. I've gone already to related posts in:
and I've configured the system according to:

My Problem:

When I operate ESS in "keep batteries charged" mode, I get "High DC ripple" Alarms and "High Voltage" Alarms leading to shut down the Multiplus at high solar yields (as already described in other posts), even though I've set the "Max Charge Voltage" in DVCC to 51,7 or even less.
Observing the local terminal, I can see charging current although the battery voltage is above 51,7.

When I operate ESS in "Optimized with Battery life" mode, I don’t get Alarms nor shut downs. At the local terminal I can see even discharge currents in case the battery voltage exceeded the limit set in DVCC (after changing from "keep batteries charged" to "Optimized with Battery life" mode).

From what I've seen it appears to me DVCC limits are being not obeyed when operating ESS in "keep batteries charged" mode?

Anyone having similar problems respectively is there any solution to stable- and reliably run ESS in "keep batteries charged" mode ?

BR Andreas

My HW configuration is:

  • Multiplus-II 48/3000/35-32
  • Venus GX Firmware: v2.73
  • 4 x Pylontech US2000C Firmware: v2.7
  • SMA SunnyBoy on AC-Out 1
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Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) answered ·

Hi @Andreas 0676,

There have been improvements to DVCC in Venus firmware since version 2.73.

First thing I would do is make sure all the components are running their latest firmware version in case it's an issue that is already fixed.

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Hello Guy,

thanks for the fast reply! That's why I've become a Victron fan: excellent- engineers and products!

On the subject I've upgraded the Venus firmware to 2.85, and at least what I can see from the reported values, DVCC restrictions are now being respected.
Once the problem occurs again, would come back again otherwise thank you very much for the support!



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Hi Guy,

I've upgraded the Venus firmware to 2.85 and the Multiplus firmware to 4.96,
now both are on the latest version!

However, the problem seem to still exist, in case there are high solar yields on AC1.

In case I'm running ESS on "keep batteries charged" the DVCC limits are not respected.
While the Multiplus is in "Absorbtion" mode, I see a charging current continously charging the batteries, until I get a "high battery voltage" Alarm or even a shutdown.

In case I do change ESS to "optimized with battery life" while the battery voltage is above the DVCC charge voltage limit and the Multiplus is in "Absorbtion" mode, the Multiplus changes to "Discharging" and the battery will be discharged.

Any suggestion or bugfix for this subject?



Update: added some Measurments from VRM portal:


Bildschirmfoto vom 2022-05-09 12-24-59.png

Update 2: Added another chart from VRM portal:

  • I assume once the CCL is set by the BMS one can see an intented charging?
  • Once the Solar power ist available on AC1-Out, one can see ocassionally charging
    current, even though the CCL is still 0, I think this is not intended even it does creat problems
  • then out of the sudden, one the charging current is going up, without a reason, until "High Voltage Alarms" are released. Without manuell changing the ESS mode, the system would shout down itself.

Anyone having similar issues or a solution? bildschirmfoto-vom-2022-05-10-14-48-17png.jpg

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This is normal. If you read my post, below, you will understand that keep charged will target above CVL, your charts seem consistent with that. The slight increase is not a problem for the battery, but if your cells are imbalanced it will trigger a warning until they balance - all normal.

When you change modes the voltage will revert to CVL and because the actual voltage is above this, mppt's will go to sleep until the voltage drops beneath the CVL by discharging the battery.

All to be expected.

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Hi nickdb,

thanks for the reply. However,

a.) I'm not having a DC coupled system with MPPT's, so I'm not sure the subject as you explained, can be applied to my configuration.
b.) The problem is an "escalating" process! In case I don't leave the "keep batteries charged" mode.

  1. first stage getting a "High Voltage" warning
  2. second stages is getting a "High DC ripple warning" (that's the reason why I swichted to "optimized with battery life" again
  3. The Multiplus II swiches off!

I assume that's not an expected behaviour?



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any update on the subject?

I'm now using the ESS Mode "optimized with battery life" with min SOC 100% as suggested work around in one of the previous firmware version. However can someone confirm the problem respectively is there a fix in future?



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nickdb answered ·

With keep batteries charged, the mppt will target 0.4V higher than the batteries CVL.

This should make no difference to the batteries unless you have imbalanced cells.

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