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Feature Request: Reset generator start/stop logic

From time to time, the auto genstart/stop feature on my Venus device gets out of sync with the state of the generator. This happens primarily for two reasons:

1) Despite my system meeting one or more of the Conditions for auto-start, I decide after the generator is running that I do not want to auto-start this time.


2) While the generator is running, for some external reason unrelated to the Venus logic, I need to stop the generator. Then, Venus thinks the generator is running, while it is not. (And vice versa, in my particular setup.)

In both of these cases, we need a way to tell Venus to "reset what you know and start over" in terms of the logic. Short of rebooting the whole unit, I don't see a way to do this today.

feature request
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geomz avatar image geomz commented ·

Is there a way to programmatically reset those flags, manually, behind the scenes?

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ben avatar image ben ♦ geomz commented ·

Unfortunately, I don't think so.

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geomz avatar image geomz ben ♦ commented ·

Bummer... and surprising, considering all the stuff you can do with it :)

As far as I (thought) knew, it's just a simple little script to demo some sample automation.

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ben avatar image ben ♦ geomz commented ·

Well, I'm sure the driver could be modified. I guess I should clarify that the values it posts to dbus don't offer an obvious way to reset it.

I think all we need is a button to either restart the script (which I think will cause it drop all its state) or a reset feature within the driver.

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geomz avatar image geomz ben ♦ commented ·

Ahh, I understand.

Alas, I don't know how much priority V will give to it, but I agree it'd be useful.

I can certainly see situations where I'd want to stop my genny outside the script (like using those handy little switches on it).

What happens if you just run the script again, anyway, essentially doubling the stop/start functions? On my genset stopping or starting "twice" does nothing.

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ben avatar image ben ♦ geomz commented ·

I suspect they'll collide if there are two trying to register themselves, at least without a little tweaking.

That said, our generator start and stop pulse is the same, so a double pulse wouldn't work in our case. Boo.

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vicc avatar image vicc commented ·
I have this same issue. Sometimes my generator starts automatically and I want to shut it off before the stop conditions are met. For example this morning it started about 30 minutes before the sun was about to hit my panels. On my old Outback system I could just change the generator start setting from auto to manual, wait 30 minutes then set it to auto again. On the VRM if I do that the generator starts again. The only solution is to stop the generator and change the stop condition (for voltage in my case) then switch it to auto, let it run for a minute or two until it sees that the condition is met and shuts down. Then I have to go back and change the stop voltage condition back to its normal setting. The feature I would like to see is if you switch from auto to manual while the genset is running it would shut off and then when you switch it back to auto it would reevaluate the start condition to see if it still needs to run again. Or a button to reset the run condition.
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Paul B answered ·

No there is no way to reset it

if the G/A/S starts from a condition thats set then it has to be stopped by that conditions Stop Value.

best way to do it is to adjust the stop value at that time so that it stops.

or even use the Quite Hours function to have diferant setting during the day to whats required at night etc etc.

I try to get the system to be a close to auto as possible.

even use the periodic run time as a reset feature if you like, say start gen at 7pm daily and charge until full

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ben avatar image ben ♦ commented ·

Yes, I know that it can't be done. That's why I made it a feature request. :)

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