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ESS Modbus 2903 remains at 70%

ESS Modbus 2903 remains at 70%.

Venus firmware 2.84

Changing the ESS user minimum SOC via modbus or in the remote console will display the correct value for the user and dynamic values but reading the 2903 (dynamic minimum SOC) register always says 70%. while the remote console will display a correct value (80% for example).

here is the 2903 result

./ModbusCli -d -r 2903 -s 100

and here is the remote console.


in addition if I set the user value to 65% the dynamic goes to 70%

With a Battery @ 100% I would expect the dynamic to follow the user value.

It does not.


There is something funky going on based around that 70% value.


ess-min-soc.png (18.9 KiB)
ess-min-soc2.png (19.1 KiB)
ess-min-soc3.png (18.8 KiB)
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