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Limit the charging power of the MPPT and MultiPlus, commander par BMS CAN


I currently have a problem with my BMS CAN (LiFePo4) , MPPT and MultiPlus.

In the case where the BMS limits the charging current to eg 2A the MultiPlus no longer charges, but the MPPT always charges to the maximum of it's capacity.

But if the MultiPlus is OFF, the intensity information is 2A on the MPPT.

I would like the excess power of the MPPT to be reinjected to the network.

The MPPT is well controlled by the BMS.

Load current setpoint of BMS CAN.

The injection of the excess power of the MPPT is active.

Is it possible to do this function, if yes what is the configuration?


J’ai actuellement un problème avec mon BMS CAN, le MPPT et le MultiPlus.

Dans le cas où le BMS limite le courant de charge a par exemple 2A le MultiPlus ne charge plus, mais le MPPT charge toujours au maximum de c’est capacité.

Mais si le MultiPlus est sur OFF, l’information d’intensité est bien de 2A sur le MPPT.

Je voudrais que la puissance excédentaire du MPPT soit réinjecter sur le réseau.

Le MPPT est bien contrôlé par le BMS.

L’injection de la puissance excédentaire du MPPT est active.

Est-il possible de faire cette fonction, si oui quelle est la configuration ?

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Are you saying that the system is performing as you want it to and as you expect it when the Multi is on.

But does not perform as you want or expect when the multi is off?

Or it does not perform how you want or expect in either state?

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cogito44 avatar image cogito44 Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) ♦♦ commented ·

No it does not work as expected and this poses a risk for my batteries.

On my battery pack, I have a cell imbalance problem.

Mini cell = 3370mV

Max Cell = 3700mv

Total approximately = 27.40V

My BMS CAN has a charging voltage of 28V.

And as soon as the voltage of a cell exceeds 3.7V, the charge current is reduced to 0 A.

The setpoint is taken into account by the MultiPlus, but not by the MPPT which continues to charge the battery above 3.7 V.

But in case the MultiPlus is turned off, the MPPT stops charging the battery.

Non cela ne fonctionne pas comme attendu et cela présente un risque pour mes batteries.

Sur mon pack de batterie, j’ai un problème de déséquilibre des cellules.

Cellule Mini = 3370mV

Cellule Max = 3700mv

Total environ = 27,40V

Mon BMS CAN a une tension de charge de 28V.

Et dès que la tension d’une cellule dépasse 3,7V l’intensité de charge est réduit à 0 A.

La consigne est bien pris en compte par le MultiPlus, mais pas par le MPPT qui continue à charger la batterie au-dessus de 3,7 V.

Mais dans le cas où le MultiPlus est éteint, le MPPT s’arrête de charger la batterie.

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Hi; just a small remark: I’ve moved your question to the Mods Space.

See here for details:

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Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) answered ·

Limiting the mppt on current; as per received by the BMS; but then still allow the excess PV to go to the loads via the inverter doesn’t work.

The solution is to not limit in current but lower the voltage; which has the desired result.

Note that we don’t officially support all BMS-es. The ones tested and supported are listed here, on our Battery Compatibility Page.

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