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BYD LV Flex - Incorrect Installed Ah Capacity

Hi All,

I've just installed 6 of BYD's new LV Flex 5.0 Battery Modules onto an existing Victron ESS system with CCGX, Multiplus-II 5000VA and a couple of SmartSolar regulators. All is working well however the BYD BMU is reporting an Ah Capacity 3 times higher than what it should be - reporting 1800Ah available instead of the 600Ah it actually should be. This is resulting in the SoC reading being way off the mark. Thankfully the system has a BMV which I've configured to match the new batteries and I noticed the large SoC discrepancy between the BMV and BMU during commissioning before potentially fully exhausting the new batteries unknowingly - BMU would currently theoretically show 66% SoC when the batteries are fully depleted.

Going online with the BMU I can see the Victron system is only reporting what the BMU is telling it so I'm quite sure the issue is not on the Victron side and is in the BMU. All Victron devices have been updated to the latest firmware revision.

When commissioning the BYD system I was unable to use the BeConnect 2.0 android app as it kept crashing on my device (Andriod v6.0.1). I had to resort to using the BeConnect Plus v1.6.1 software for windows and was able to connect to the BMU and update the firmware to the latest version or so I believe as there doesn't seem to be a way to look up on the BYD website what the latest firmware version actually is - only what the software tells you it is.

I also updated the parameter table after a couple of attempts. The software did seem a bit flakey and every now and then when doing a refresh would show completely garbage information (see last screen shot).

Looking at a previous post on a similar topic it seemed the issue was identified to be with the parameter table in the BMU. This makes sense however the software is telling me I have the latest version of the parameter table (V0.11) so I'm at a loss as to what to do.

I've sent an email to the guys at Alps power here in Australia requesting some support particularly given this is such a new product and I don't imagine there is probably a large installation of these new batteries yet. Not sure if this is a bug or if the BCP software has issues updating the BMU correctly for this new battery?

Either way I though I'd put it to the community to see if anyone has any thoughts or can provide any guidance on what the issue might be?

Not sure if @Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) may be able to help given your involvement in the BYD Webinar Launching the LV Flex with Victron and associated setup.

Even to compare the BMU/BMS/P-T versions to see if I am actually running the latest or if the software is telling me fibs.

Kind regards,





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tabrocky answered ·

Hi All,

Just an update on this issue. Thanks to Jay from Alps Power here in Australia for helping resolve the issue.

As suspected the Parameter Table wasn't correct despite the Be Connect Plus (V1.6.1) software indicating it was running the latest version. It turned out the PT version 0.11 was actually for BYD's LVL battery which conveniently has a capacity of ~15kWh or 3 times that of the LV Flex...

Jay sent me BYD's latest version of Be Connect Plus (V1.6.3) - not sure if this is released officially yet as I can't find it on BYD's website - which once loaded and connected to the battery identified the battery table needed to be updated. Once updated to Version 1.1 the battery capacity is now correctly recognised by the BMU and reflected accordingly in the Victron System. Not sure why the previous Version of BeConnect Plus (V1.6.1) failed to recognise the Parameter Table version issue.

So the moral of the storey is if you're configuring BYD's new LV Flex Battery make sure the parameter table version as at this time is V1.1 (obviously subject to update in the future). Also if you have issues I'd suggest contacting BYD to get a copy of the latest version of Be Connect Plus.

Hopefully this may help others.

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Matthias Lange - DE answered ·

As in your other question, you should ask that question BYD not Victron.

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Hi Matthias. As mentioned I've sent an email to Alps Power and BYD but I'm waiting for a response. In the interim I thought I'd ask the community in case others have experienced similar issues. Certainly @Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) would have configured one of these new LV Flex batteries as he demonstrated it live in the BYD Webinar. Even just comparing FW revision numbers is a start.

In any case I will report back once I hear from BYD and post any learnings for others.