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Cytrix-ct 120 never disconnects.


quick question about a cytrix-ct 120 on my t5 from 2012. Yes it’s supposed to be euro 5 and not working but considering the alternator is sending 14v all the time, I don’t think it’s euro 5.
The - from both batteries are linked together.

The + goes through the ct and a fuse. It was closed all the time so I thought it was broken and bought a new one. I changed it yesterday and didn’t started the van, so no alternator/euro5 questions. 5 min after I mounted it, it closed again, I discovered that with a solar panel or charger on the 2nd battery side, it closes to charge both batteries.

My problem is that it doesn’t open after that, when the dark comes or when I disconnect the charger, my 2nd battery empties in the 1st one.

It is supposed to cut after 3 min after being under 12,8v but it never happens. This morning I was at 12,6 on both sides.

What could I do ?


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Hi there, I have the same problem. The Cyrix stays on way longer than expected. First draining the house battery into the starter but sometimes the other way around.
After driving and after a day with solar. To circumvent this i added a switch in the ground lead of the Cyrix so I can disable it. Just have to remember to switch it on and off before and after driving.
The switch is actually a double pole double throw with a 'dead' mid position. The other position and pole forces the Cyrix to on so there is still 12v power when the house battery is removed.

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The following is in the prospectus:

"Bidirectional voltage sensing and power supply from both batteries The Cyrix senses the voltage of both connected batteries. It will therefore also engage if for example the accessory battery is being charged by a battery charger. The Cyrix-ct 12/24 has a dual power supply. It will therefore also close if the voltage on one battery is too low to operate the Cyrix. In order to prevent unexpected operation during installation or when one battery has been disconnected, the Cyrix-ct 12/24 will not close if the voltage on one of the two battery connections is lower than 2 V (12 V battery) or 4 V (24 V battery). "

Could it be that one of the two batteries has a higher voltage than the other, or that a battery technology has been used that has a higher voltage (lithium)?

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The voltage of the leisure battery is higher. So yes, I'm not happy that it drain it from 13,2 to 12,8v as it is supposed to do. But the problem is that it doesn't stop at 12,8v. It continues to drain it.

Does the Cytrix LI ct could do the job, the tension are higher ?

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