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Quality of leroy Marlin Xunzel agm battery?

Last week I bought an agm solar battery from leroy Marlin.

Name solarix, brand Xunzel.

Is leroy Marlin brand for all solar accessories.

I will use it to support my agm victronenergy, either separately or in parallel as needed.

It has charging and internal resistance characteristics very similar to the victronenergy and this is good for parallel.

In fact, measuring with a schunt the current was divided almost perfectly (in relation to the capacity).

What do you think of these batteries and this brand?

They are medium quality batteries ... Not at the level of agm rolls or troyan, but not bad either.

The price range is about that of victronenergy agm batteries.

The data sheet is very interesting:

It performs worse in cold weather than victronenergy.

It has performances similar to victronenergy in terms of capacity in relation to the C rate, but victronenergy is slightly higher.

But it has performances of duration in cycles and in years much superior to the agm victronenergy.

100% DOD: unknown victronenergy, xunzel 400 cycles.

80% DOD: victronenergy 400 cycles, xunzel 600 cycles.

50% DOD: victronenergy 600 cycles, xunzel 900 cycles

30% DOD: victronenergy 1500 cycles, xunzel 1300 cycles.

10% DOD: unknown victronenergy, xunzel over 2000 cycles.

Standby use at 20 C°: victronenergy 7/10 years, xunzel 10/14 years.

Basically it appears that these xunzel agm have high DOD performance, similar to victron agm supercycle.

Victronenergy deep cycle AGM years or cycle duration is not exceptional for a solar battery at these price.

Here the two datasheets: AOvVaw0AWZwMcTcRp-3RcREF_PXQ

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Fra answered ·

What problems do I have with LA batteries?

I live with solar and the battery from 4 years without any problem.

I only make a lot of tests to learn and study, but the batteries work perfectly.

The. Leroy's battery is working perfectly but is only a few months old. It complies with the specifications and charts of the datasheet perfectly up to date. It has the exact same performance as the victronenergy deep cycle.

In fact, I recommended buying it to 2 of my customers to whom I made the installation of the camper.

They wanted bigger no-brand agms at a lower price but I recommended the smaller and more expensive leroy xunzel battery because it feels very solid to me so far.

I just don't need lifepo4 now. My consumptions are up to 10 amperes (during the day with the panel feeding 100%), but at night only 3/5 amperes for 4/5 hours. Only 15/25% DOD every night. There is no point in buying overpriced lifepo4s for these discharge currents and with only a 10/15 amper solar charge.

I have a total of 178ah of agm and every night I go to sleep very late with 12.6 / 12.7v open circuit voltage of the batteries.

I recommended lifepo4 to a customer who has to use 50/60 amperes constantly. And it needs fast charging with 160 amper alternator.

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klim8skeptic avatar image klim8skeptic ♦ commented ·
Pretty good post.

Cheers S.

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Paul B answered ·

upto to you to determine - I have never used this brand - so time will tell

Myself I would have changed to Lithium Phosphate

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Fra avatar image Fra commented ·
Yes but the price for a good lifepo4 is high. And I don't need their characteristics. For example hig current discharge... I only discharge to 85% soc every day.

Neither I can take advantage from high charge current capacity of lifepo4.

I have only a 55 amper alternator and for 99% only a 300 watt solar panel. So lead acid sealed are perfect for my use. And lifepo4 to much expensive and if cheaper Chinese, maybe they falls in the same time of good quality agm, but at twice the price.

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klim8skeptic answered ·


You have been doing this for a while.

Perhaps you could compare your agm batteries against your lifepo4 batteries?

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Fra avatar image Fra commented ·
I don't understand this comment. I have only lead acid battery in my system. I have seen some lifepo4 in others persons systems. And for me and for my particular use it is not worth it at the moment.
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klim8skeptic avatar image klim8skeptic ♦ Fra commented ·


Given you continuing problems with your LA batteries, and you did mention LifePo4, I thought you had given Lithium a try?

As per the thread title. How are your LeRoy performing?

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