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Product advice: solar first with grid secondary (NOT grid-tied)

SETUP: Home system, US based. I'm thinking to split off critical loads into their own sub-panel. Victron gear [quattro?+autotransformer] would be supplied by IN power from a circuit off the main panels (grid) and solar/battery on the other IN. Some loads are US 240V (well pump), hence the autotransformer to get both 240 and 120 into the panel. Intent is to use solar-first on the crit loads panel, and supplement with grid as needed. No desire to feed back to the grid.

QUESTION: Is the Quattro the right product? Can it do this solar+grid balancing, or is something like Schneider's XW Pro a more appropriate fit?

Thanks for your input.

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What do you mean by solar/battery on the other IN? Do you have another inverter?

If you mean a battery that get's connected via the DC input and then you have to install MPPTs that connect your solar panels to the battery.

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