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Use additonal MP2 to load island grom grid or generator

Hi Victron,

in Germany a certified and registered electrician has to install or at least test and approve a grid connected installation. Currently it’s very difficult to find an electrician. It’s near to impossible to find one who will do it with Victron Energy. Additionally, if your change our installation e.g. new energy meter due to PV, your have to update to current VDE “standard” which might result in complete new AC distribution at appr. 5,000 EUR.

We are allowed to connect a battery charger wihtout an electrician.

We are allowed to feed up to 600W/800W from a ordenary plug from PV (balkonry PV) into our home without an electrician.

We are allowed to setup an island system on our own.

Though we want to setup an island system with one or more MP2, let’s assume three MP2 5K, to service the complete house. During dark winter months this island system needs help from either a generator or from the grid.

An additional MP2 5K shall be connected to the same battery bank and be used to charge the battery from the grid considering BMS’s SOC via the GX connected to the other MP2 and use dynamic ESS.

Another option would be using an MP2 to smart load the battery from a single phase generator using all charging features from distrubuted source, e.g. MPPTs, AC-couled solar inverters with frequency shifting.

The option to use in an island system and additional MP2 to charge the battery smart from another source has been discussed in several communities and enables Victron to extend it’s market share further.

Looking forward to you reaction…

BR, Björn

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