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grill to prevent small animals to go inside the easysolar

Two days ago black smoke and flames where emitting from the easysolar 24/1600. Startled by the flames and the smoke I managed to switch it off. After opening I found a gecko inside, only the skin was left (the head of the gecko is in the top of the picture).

I am 99% sure the gekko went inside trough the back (all the other openings where closed or to small).

If you live in an area where there are gekko's, please be aware that they can go inside (with dramatic results). Put some steel mesh around the openings, especially at the back before mounting!

Edited: September 11th 14:42

I mentioned before that I didn't had faith that the Easysolar could or would be fixed. I was wrong: it has been fixed by Victron, The repair cost are € 790,- excluding VAT and shipment while a new one costs about € 1200,- including VAT. The holes are still there..

I leave up to you to make up your mind about this.


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An update: I received the unit back and the price for fixing it was € 230 incl shipping (no VAT). Thanks ASA and Victron for this.

I first made some alterations by putting a small stainless steel mesh to cover the openings on the top. Just take off the lid, make the mesh to fit and replace the lid. The back I just put the mesh in front of the openings and attached it with some very small t-rips. On the bottom I couldn't put some mesh, hopefully the openings there are small enough to keep the gekko''s out.

Here are two pictures...

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