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Add a timeout for low battery shutdown and/or the low battery restart and alarm

I am running a 65W fridge with a 12/500 230V Phoenix Inverter in Eco Mode just fine.

But there are 2 situations which could be improved.

1. Sometimes when the fridge starts it needs a high load, it rarely even triggers the high load shutdown. The high load is only for seconds to start the fridge and will drop dramatically to around 65W

Idea: Add an Option to limit the high load for a couple of seconds to a certain load. If a higher load is still needed after some seconds -> trigger high load shutdown. Similar to a soft start.

2. If the battery is not fully loaded or when its cold outside a high load can trigger the low battery shutdown and/or the low battery restart and alarm. But again, this will be only for seconds until the fridge is running.

So again, if there would be an option to set a certain timeout for the shutdown it would help to start the fridge. Let's say the low battery limit can be reached (or even lower) for some seconds. Only if the voltage stays at that level for seconds ->trigger the shutdown. Normally the voltage drops to 10.5 for a second and when the fridge is running it raises to 11.5V and more.

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