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Smart Orion DC DC could Smart Networking be added

Please is it possible to add Smart Networking to both the In and The out of the orion - Only one can be used at a time I would think.

In the case of My Orion DC Dc 12v30amp -(and all modes for that matter I would think)

The Unit is placed right next to the Input battery however the outputs battery is over 4 Mtrs away and at max output there is a volt drop of 1 to 1.5 volts over that distance.

I would have liked to have added a Smart Network to the output so that the reference voltage was then taken from the smart network battery sense unit, This way the volt drop could be allowed for.

Yes I could replace the cable with a larger cable as well - anyway a smart network would work well in this application.

Also Some times I have wanted to charge the engine battery from the LifP04 in the rear by swaping the input and outputs around - and again a smart network unit would be most helpfull

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