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Feature request: EVCS read/display the SOC of the car battery


Since many DC fast chargers are able to read the car battery SOC and display it, I guess there is a communication between the car and the charger, so if this is possible it would be useful to read this value and make it available to control how much percentage I want to charge the car.

Thank you.

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Lucian Popescu (Victron Energy Staff) commented

Hi, no, it's a different communication protocol. Unfortunately not possible.

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Phil Gavin avatar image Phil Gavin commented ·

I don't have an EV, but that may change.

That said, we don't have to rely on code and protocols for everything.

Aren't there other indicators to be had, like:

Interpreting the car's PWM signals.

The magnitude of tail current as an indicator of SOC

Monitoring the amount of kW/h delivered can be interpreted by the user.

Being able to set the amount of kW/h to deliver would go a long way to fulfilling the OP's requirement.

Apologies if you have already addressed these potential features.

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Radu - Eosif Mihăilescu avatar image Radu - Eosif Mihăilescu Phil Gavin commented ·
The car doesn't send any PWM signal, only the EVSE does. The current the car's AC charger draws is not necessarily in sync with what an ideal Lithium battery would draw at that instant (think adjusting down for temperature, for example).

The rest of your points are valid, however they would only help create a rough estimation of the car's SoC, not a measurement per se.

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