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Smart mppt 75/15 not charging

7a1d8ccd-31f0-4022-b256-ac2a166ffac2.pngI have 3 solar panel 200 watts each with 3 mppt 75/15 all have the fuse at the connection under the solar panel, the wire from solar panel all meet in a busbar and from there go directly to the battery. The solar panel will charge the batter for 1-2 days and after will stop, i need to unplug both terminal from solar panel negative and positive at the battery . Once I unplug and plug back again will start to work, When is not working I have power coming from solar panel is just the battery not accepting it. I have lithium battleborn lifepoo4 with Bms battery a Victron multiplus 3000 and the color control panel and a smart shunt. 2b571c4f-33a8-45db-b79d-5286a095d8d7.png44600199-8490-4e01-8224-7e2dc53a4803.png

mppt smart solar
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