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Deep Cycle Batteries Off-Season Charging

I have two Trojan T105s in my small RV that are charged exclusively with my Victron solar system.

In winter when the RV is not in use, I have been letting the batteries charge as always by solar using the recommended voltages from Trojan.

My concern is whether this is actually good for the batteries - recently I found that S.G. had dropped on all cells to about 1.255 - 1.260, equalization did restore to normal values.

I have read that holding FLA batteries in float is not necessarily good as stratification can occur.

Please give me your thoughts and recommendations on charging (or not) when batteries are not in use.

Options I have been thinking about are:

1) Continue do as I am doing and equalize more frequently

2) Alter the charge regime in my MPPT to something better suited to storage

3) Turn charging off entirely and charge periodically only when necessary

Thank you.

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