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Linux DBus remote control of Cerbo GX


I'm trying to connect to Cerbo GX via the DBus (on Linux) so I could set the ESS -> Scheduled Charging. Idea is to make an automatic schedule maker, depending on the time's list I receive daily.

Is it possible? Maybe there is a guide or any examples with something that could be useful?

When I try to use velib_python example files from the tutorial( ) I'm stuck on the second step (creating a second dbus session in a new cmd window with "dbus" or "dbus -y" commands) - the reply is "command not found".

I've never worked with DBus before, so if this question is silly please don't blame.

Thank you!


Venus OSlinux
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The example you referred to is meant to be executed on your local machine.
I don't think you can control Venus remotely via the Dbus. I would recomment either using Modbus or MQTT. That is what I do. I have shared a couple of examples here:

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Thank you, osaether!

I'll try Modbus and MQTT.

Do I understand correctly - I can connect to my Venus via the internet if I'm not connected to the same network?

Have you figured out how to set up the schedule via MQTT ( )?

Where can I find these links with ID's of my devices:

  • N/*/system/0/Relay/0/State
  • N/*/system/0/Control/ScheduledCharge,0
  • etc
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Yes, you can connect to your Venus over the Internet. For Modbus you need to add port-forwarding to port 502 (default Modbus port) in the router that connects your Venus to the Internet. For MQTT you don't need any port-forwarding.

For MQTT the ID's of your device is the VRM portal ID. You can find it under Settings->VRM online portal in the remote console and under Settings->General on the VRM portal.

The MQTT paths after the "N/*" are the same as the d-bus paths. Check the Venus D-bus documentation for more info.

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I can only get a response from N/*/system/0/Serial

Other paths don't work. Where can be a problem?

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Yes, this is a common new user error. Please search for "MQTT serial" on this forum. Here is a start:

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