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Victron MPPT 100/50 connected to Ronegy 3kw Inverter Charger

I have a pair of Ronegy 3kw Inverter Chargers drawing from 4 12 volt banks of Ronegy 200AH AGM's I have also 2 300 Watt 30V Xunlight flexible Panels connected to a Combiner feeding a Victron 100-50 MPPT. The Batteries are split up into two banks of 12v 400AH and each inverter charger draws from a 400AH bank. I am using the 300 Watt panel to provide a trickle charge when the system is not in use as the vast majority of the time the system is connected to shore power or drawing from a generator providing split legs of 220. L1 into Bank 1 and L2 into Bank 2. I wanted to be able to combine the battery banks using a change over switch to share the combined capacity of 800AH. Should I add an additional MPPT to the second bank or can I provide trickle charge from one MPPT to both banks ? The System is basically a Big UPS that keeps the electronics powered in a Trailer until the generator comes on line in the event of power disconnect. The solar is purely for a maintenance charge when the unit is not in use and not connected to shore power and not in operation.

Any suggestions would be welcome

Many thanks

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Hello there, so here's my suggestion, and a warning, you have 2 seperate power systems essentially, being charged by 1 solar charger which you alternate charging each bank with? If that's correct the here's the brakes, you can absolutely parralel the banks, using any commercial break then make switch, however, you must be sure each battery bank is within 2% of each other and off load when switch a parallel switch, failure to do this will mean a battery will back feed to equalize the others, there is considerable heat in this, your parallel switch must be rated for the total current assumed to pass through it (fault current) plus 20% for it to be safe. For simplicity sake I would recommend a second charger and 2 more panels, if that's not a space you can afford I'd recommend getting more compact panels or charging the other bank by another means (wind, fuel cell etc). Hope my 2 cents helps.

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