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Power flow in the CCGX display with Multiplus 2

With a Multiplus 2 and 2 PV AC inverters one a Fronius left hand and one a Endasolar right hand unit the display unit read the PV power flow wrong. Using Ver 2.22 and 2.30-17 makes no difference .

When the Fronuis is connected, the other left hand PV inverter changes it name to Fronuis as well? When the other brand and is connected to a energy meter as a PV inverter.The Fronius is connected via the Ethernet cable network connected to AC input
The Enasolar is connected via a energy meter on AC2

The Fronius shows it power on the AC loads 427 watts ? is this normal operation of power flow?

The critical loads shows 55watts when no loads connected?

When i connected the other PV inverter to the AC input it adds them all together and refuses to charge the batteries. Odd i though so i rewired back to the AC Out and it will charge the battery OK.

This whole power flow for the Mulitplus 2 is wrong in operation and is confusing for anybody setting up Mulitplus 2 with AC PV inverters.

The internal current CT don't combine very well with the external current meters,

I have one as a PV inverter and a grid meter.

1: Combined with 2 AC PV inverters 1x Fronius AC input and a Enasolar AC out2

2: Enasolar PV inverter only on AC input won't charge battery and shows power on AC loads?

3: Ensolar PV inverter on AC out2 charges battery OK and power excess power goes to grid, note critical loads shows 56 watts when no loads connected.

multi plus
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Hi Rob; yes; this is a known issue for the MultiPlus-II. Thanks for the detailed report.

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Thanks for the reply back, you can use my site as test bed if required, if you advise or send me a test or developer code .img files via the Venus feed updates for the raspi i can up load and rewire my jig to any configuration to test the power flow for the Mulitplus 2

inverter charger. I am also the same site with the Ripple relay control signal problem in New Zealand as well. My site is on the VRM portal as well, if you want to look at it, under RD Electronics & Electrical i can give you access if required for your technical people there.
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