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Installing kplex on Venus

Hello, I am looking for assistance on figuring out a way to install or compile kplex on my Venus Pi currently running 2.32. With kplex I will be able to use GPS data on the Venus system in a way that is not currently possible with the stock software (via TCP).

I've tried to download the .deb and use opkg to install with the following error:

root@raspberrypi2:/kplex# opkg install kplex_1.4-1_armhf.deb

Collected errors:
 * Solver encountered 1 problem(s):
 * Problem 1/1:
 *   - package kplex-1.4-1.armhf does not have a compatible architecture
 * Solution 1:
 *   - do not ask to install kplex-1.4-1.armhf

I have also tried to compile kplex from tar source, but make and cc are not present in VenusOS.

Has anyone successfully installed kplex? If so, please share. Thanks!

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