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ESS system remaining in Passthru

Hi Im setting up my first ESS system ive done plenty of off grid intalls before but im having a bit of trouble with this, everything is on and visible in the CCGX all firwares are to the latest version, and had 10kWh of BYD batteries but the inverter is remaining in Passthru? All settings have been set as outlined in the Victron BYD manual including the grid code, the system can see power flow in and out of the house but isnt charging or disharging from the battery? I have wired the mains to the house to AC in and have nothing on the AC outs at present. Any help would be ideal. Thanks

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Hi @jacko,

Check through each of the steps in Q4 of the ESS FAQ -

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Thanks Guy, I have managed to get power to go into the BYD's with a surplus of parralell PV power. In an ESS system does the multiplus need An AC in and an AC out cable both connected to the grid? I assumed that power would flow in ever direction on a single cable in an ESS system but think i might have been wrong now. I cant actually find a wiring schematic for an ESS system.

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ESS has many possible configurations.

Have you read the entirety of the manual that I linked?

This document also provides further explanations and diagrams:

There is also an explanatory video on here:

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Hi yeah I had a good read, it actually started to act as I expected it was supposed to after a couple of system restarts with no settings changed, strange but seems to be fine in the end. Thanks

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