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Bidirectional DC-DC converter ORION-TR?

Is there a victron solution that allows discharging AND charging of a 24V battery system through a 48v multiplus?
For connecting the battery I could connect a Orion-TR but that only works one way.

Of course current and power limits will be adjusted in software to match the converter.

Is there a solution for dc-dc conversion for charging and discharging - an Isolated Bidirectional Converters from Victron?

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Sadly not. But you can use 2 Orions, one in each direction.

Check the models carefully, you might find there's only a DC:DC converter in one direction.

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There has to be some kind of hysteresis or else the Orion charges and the other discharges sending energy in circles all the time.
Is there a way to facilitate that?

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