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FEATURE REQUEST - Export voltage limits in ESS

It appears that to export power, the ESS setups increase the voltage to be able to push out the power. This works fine however, with more and more solar in residential areas, we are finding more and more cases where the export voltage exceeds to Grid limit. In Spain for example, RD1699 allows power upto 251V however, in some cases, we increase above this when exporting larger amounts of power.

Would it be possible to limit the export voltage to a defined setting or to that of the Grid limitations? That is, the system would reduce power based on 2 factors;

1) limit export (set in W)

2) limit voltage for export (set in volts and based on country code settings)

The idea is to avoid numorous daily grid disconnects. In some cases, when it disconnects from the grid, and you measure the input (AC IN) you get between 10V and 12V less than when it was exporting at full power.

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Could something like this be possible?

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