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Bug or real consumption



in the VRM i can observe something strange in my ESS, see embeded picture. (black = strange consumer, blue = Phase where Multiplus2 compensates consumption from Grid)

System = Cerbo GX + Multiplus2 + Pylontech + EM24 Smartmeter -> Grid-connected.

Seems during certain time a ~280W consumer is turning on and off... (time-base for datapoints is 5min... i do not know whether that can be change so see more?)

In some of this timeframes the ESS finally states "i had to consume 0.1kWh from Grid", despite battery full / barely load.

Loking to the consumption the official Grid-meter reads ... i would claim that my ESS is better than consuming 0.1kWh per 3 day = i guess the EM24 counts a bit more pessimistic.

I like to get your opineon... is there somewhere a Bug or Real Consumption?



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