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Data transmit rates over mqtt / dbus

To get the best level of control via ESS external mode 3 we need to get data as quickly as we can and ideally as synchronised as possible

As it stands some signals are transmitted on change, some at 1hz and others <0.5hz

My main issue is the transmission of bidirectional AC1 Power, this appears to be transmitted at <0.5hz, the value for L1 Consumption however is transmitted at 1hz, but it only covers the power in one direction

Is it an easy chance to increase the transmit rate of AC1 Power to 1hz as it is clearly measured faster than the current <0.5hz it is transmitted at

Also DC Voltage appears to be transmitted sometimes as slowly as 0.1hz, this make it difficult to do dynamic power limitation to control to a minimum voltage. Ideally this would as well be transmitted at 1hz

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