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3phase Mp2 48/5000/30 with Pylontech 5000 - ESS trouble


I use 3x MP2 48/5000/70 in a three phase system with 2x Pylontech U5000. It is all installed fix at home, no mobile solution. As long as I do not try to configure a ES, it is working like a charm. It changes the batteries and discharges them in case of switching off AC input.

Even configuring an ESS seems to work from VEConfigure for each single of the MP2. But then in the Remote-Console there are no ESS-Assistants available, strange enough.


The battery itself is communicating to the Cerbo, and I got the impression that this is doing a kind "whipping out" my ESS settings again, like overwriting my settings done in VEConfigure. Not sure, but it looks like.


All my firmware is upgraded to the latest version:


Does anyone please have an idea where the problem with the ESS might be coming from?

As I am still waiting to the delivery of my energy meter (EM24), is it possible that this is a prerequisite? If so, why this ist not mentioned by the software? And if not - how to fix my problem, please?

kind regards

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I understand that you used VEconfigure to configure the ESS Assistant, but did you upload this ESS Assistant into MP-II after configuring it?

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shure, and I could even download this configuration from the MP2 again. After some time, the configuration "disappeared" from the MP2.

So I got two theories:

- either the Cerbo gets "overwritten" by the Pylontechs

- or the Cerbo make a kind of a cleanup as it might not accept ESS without an energy meter.

I am quite sure there are other, more reasonable explanations out there?

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